We offer a wide selection of raw options - Primal brand &   Halshans for dogs and cats; Stella & Chewy's for dogs, Rad Cat (need we specify?) and more. Your furred companion's digestion looks just the same as their respective ancestors; so come by, take a sample home and join the raw revolution.
We are proud to carry Ojio Ultimate Superfood Raw Organic Cacao Nibs, Raw Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein as well as Raw Organic Hemp Protein
This bath tissue is made with a by-product of sugar cane. It’s called bagasse. Similar to papyrus, bagasse is made up of a pithy substance that can be easily made into quality bathroom tissue. This paper breaks up just as easily as bathroom tissue made from pulp and is septic safe.

Sugar cane can grow back in 12 short months. Compared to trees, that need to
grow at least 30 if not 40 years before they can be cut down and processed,
sugar cane is a more sustainable resource for paper production. TrueGreen also
supplements sugar cane bagasse with bamboo grass. This provides a synthetic
material that can be manufactured from two natural and environmentally
sustainable resources. These resources, while they are rarely found in North
America, are readily available in many other parts of the world. You may not
realize it, but sugar cane is actually the most cultivated crop in the world.
Therefore, it makes since to harvest its resources for paper tissue

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Just in, Organic laundry detergent, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and automatic dishwashing liquid from GreenSheild Organic
Presented by All Good Things Organic Seeds; we'll be open until 7:30 Wednesday October 2nd for this event 6-7:30
After a dry spell; we have a fresh, delicious batch of ginger in our bulk section. See you soon!
Petcurean is a company that puts out Now and Go! pet foods. Go! is the product Rainbow Warehouse steers customers toward after Evo brand had a recall.  Now is grain free, contains no rendered meats (meals) and is getting rave reviews from pets. Come by for a sample for your furry friend.

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Rainbow Warehouse sells a contraption that allows one to compost pet waste.

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Several paintings by local artist Jane Shanahan can be found hanging on the walls of Rainbow Warehouse. Shanahan specializes in commercial, graphic and fine art.

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The Pickle Biotic kit contains everything one needs to pickle and ferment foods right at home for just $24.99. All you need to add is a good sized jar and ingredients to be pickled and fermented.

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